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Prime Hardwood Floors
Hardwood Floor Installation/Refinishing/Repair

Why are People all over the Twin Cities peeking under their wall-to-wall carpeting? They’re searching for hardwood flooring. The pendulum is swinging in a new direction. The easy maintenance, beauty and cleanliness hardwood flooring offers is now in vogue. Poor indoor air quality is becoming a huge issue which hardwood floors can help improve. Dust mites, allergins, animal dander and other unpleasant side effects of wall-to-wall carpeting are reduced or completely eliminated when you install or reveal those hidden hardwood floors

hardwood kitchen.

At “Prime Hardwood Floors” we understand nature’s hardwoods and will work with you in selecting hardwood flooring that will give you the look and feel only the hardwoods can offer. Whether you need an older floor sanded and refinished or you need a complete install, “Prime Hardwood Floors” has the knowledge and experience to sand your floors correctly – the first time.

A Minneapolis Floor Sanding Company

Our Hardwood Floor service covers Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding communities. Call us at 612-968-6007 for a free Hardwood Floor Quotation